Up”Beat” Half-Day Diversity Program

A New, Upbeat Take on Diversity

Everybody matters. Each individual beat contributes and unifies one strong rhythm.

For Companies, Conferences, Retreats and More…


This innovative and interactive approach delivers the often-overworked message of diversity into an upbeat, effective, and mind-stirring experience—awakening a sense of unity and rejuvenating morale within your company or organization.

Company Climate.

This half-day workshop engages participates through the arts to cultivate a culture of respect for differences and inclusivity, offering an ideal springboard for leaders to carry this theme forward, integrating it into the workplace with employees who—after this workshop—are more open and motivated to create a positive climate for all.


The “what I thought I saw” photo-story traveling exhibit and presentation has teamed up with Rhythm’s of Life’s drumming facilitators to create a one-of-a-kind workshop that provides research, reflection, and action, drawing participants into self-awareness about how they view and react (rather than choose to interact) with others, and provides a deeper understanding of our judgments, stereotypes, and (implicit) biases.

Drumming breaks down inhibitions and encourages participants to “speak” up and be heard in a safe, fun environment.

We see, experience, and hear how the value of individual differences—both people’s vulnerabilities and strengths—can be integrated into creating a stronger team and “finished product/service” (i.e., customer service, internal communication, cohesive teams, etc.). Delivering the value of diversity by integrating art—in this case through photographs, stories, and music—is what makes this workshop so unique among other methods in diversity training.

Art provides a perspective that allows us to see the familiar as unfamiliar. In his article, “The Unfamiliar Familiar,  Learning to See the World Anew,” Henry Shukman, writes: “Art has the power to make our process of seeing less habitual….Art exists that one may recover the sensation of life; it exists to make one feel things, to make the stone stony.”

Through this workshop participants move past what they think they know about others, assumptions, and allow them to perceive others and situations with a deeper understanding.


Delivering the message of diversity through the arts is a positive, engaging experience that awakens the senses to self awareness.

What it Looks and Sounds Like:

  • 60 minute multi-media “what I thought I saw” presentation
  • 5 minute break
  • 25 minute viewing of the “what I thought I saw” exhibit
  • 30 minute “what I thought I saw” interactive element
  • 45 minute drum-circle facilitation/circle of respect

*variations available


Cultivating A Circle of Respect, Group Drumming

Drumming is ideal for breaking down inhibitions, energizing and inspiring groups. Group drumming promotes cooperation and collaboration and a feeling of connection. Perfect for stimulating brainstorming sessions, breaking up and waking up from a string of meetings, or as a celebratory way to kick off or wrap up a convention. Group sizes 20-200. Drumming as a group promotes both individual contributions to the group and the need for unity in creating what common rhythm. This interactive experience enhances team work and improves morale through a fun, creative and inspiring session. When morale and communication are strong in business, there’s and upbeat in efficiency and loyalty.

Benefits include:

  • Breaks down barriers
  • Increases communication
  • Motivates employees
  • Boosts productivity
  • Juices up creativity
“My leadership team and I noticed how much more energized the group that drummed first, before their brainstorming session. This group was more creative, more energetic and more willing to work as a team. The latter group that drummed second, left with big smiles on their faces even though it was 8:00 pm. There was a definite energy about everyone at the end of the training.”